Confessions Of A Dog Sitter: Confession #1…Sometimes I Sleep With My Clients

Sometimes I sleep with my clients.

Confession #1: Sometimes I sleep with my clients.

If you’re a dog sitter or use a dog sitter you’ll enjoy this hilarious article from 4knines blog. Join one pet sitter on her daily adventures, #confessionsofadogsitter,  and learn the inside scoop of what goes on behind the scenes.

A few years ago to make some extra money, I thought why not try dog sitting. I have three of my own, love dogs, so how hard could it be to take in a guest or two and watch them?

I have since learned that someone’s perfect angel takes on the persona of Cujo once they walk out the door. When the owner looks at me and says they think it will work, I now know they mean for them. For the dog sitter it’s just the beginning.

Read more….http://blog.4knines.com/activities-for-your-dog/dog-sitter-confession/#comments.


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